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ATL (Day Care Center)
Monchique/Casais Playrooms and Study Room
In the municipality of Monchique there are two playrooms created by the Parish of Monchique - Ludoteca de Monchique and Ludoteca de Casais (temporarily closed) - with the purpose of providing the interaction and occupation of free time for children ages 4 to 16.
The Monchique playroom works in the vicinity of the Parish of Monchique and has a games room, a library and audiovisuals room, a covered space for workshops, a multipurpose room, a kitchen with a support room, and also an Outside Space for outdoors activities.
This intends to be a meeting place, to improve interpersonal relationship, but also a place where children and youngsters may develop their skills in different areas, namely artistic expression, music (ex: guitar classes), theater, reading, sports (ex: "capoeira") and several games, thus contributing to a better social adaptation.
The Study Room, installed in the vicinity of this playroom, has the main purpose of helping children with their school homework and all young people from the Municipality in study activities, always with the presence of a support teacher for any help needed.
Working Hours:
Monday to Friday: From 2 to 7 p.m.


Jardim de Infância de Monchique
Address: São Roque
8550 – 446 Monchique
Telephone: 282913925
Jardim de Infância de Marmelete
Address: Escola E.B 1 de Marmelete
8550 - 145 Marmelete
Telephone: 282 955 469


Escola EB 2,3 de Monchique
Address: Estrada de Sabóia
8550 Monchique
Telephone: 282 912 161
Fax: 282 912 198
Escola EB 1 Marmelete
Address: E.B 1 de Marmelete
8550-145 Marmelete
Telephone: 282 955 469
Escola EB 1 N.º 1 de Monchique
Address: Rua de S.Pedro
8550 – 373 Monchique
Telephone: 282 913 772
Escola EB 1 N.º2 Monchique
Address: Alto de S. Roque
8550-206 Monchique
Telephone: 282 913 925

Nursery School

Municipal Nursery "O Ouricinho"
6 classrooms with capacity for 74 children at the level of nursery and day care.
Address: Rua Nossa Senhora da Conceição
Telephone: 282 912 466


Other Information

School Transportation

The municipality provides transportation service between the residence and the schooling facility to all students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle of basic schooling residing more than 3 or 4 km from the schooling facilities and co-pays the transportation for secondary school students. This co-payment amounts to 100% in the case of students with A ranking, 75% for students with B ranking and 50% for students with no ranking. Besides the co-payment of transportation for secondary school students, the municipality also grants a housing subsidy to those students whose address in the region doesn't allow them to have access to transportation.
School Meals

The meals are cooked at the school's canteen, a municipal facility, and supplied to all basic and pre-schools, except for Marmelete School, where the meals are supplied by a third-party entity.
About 300 meals are cooked every day.

School Sports

Sports Holidays
Every year the municipality of Monchique organizes a new edition of the Free Time Occupation Project, called "Sports Holidays". For children and youngsters ages 6 to 16, year after year this program has been very well received by the participants and their guardians who, during summer holidays, see this initiative as an excellent opportunity for free-time occupation. Canoeing, boomerang, target shooting, surf, golf and several visits to places of interest are some of the attractive sports activities which delight youngsters, every year.